Dr. Christopher Bailey was certified in The Biolever Training System in 1998. Biolever Energetics is the study of energy transfer from one body part to another through a joint, and is based on the human body’s natural lever system. This unique analysis ensures though scientific evaluation that muscle groups can be completely isolated during activities such as strength training, greatly reducing the stress and trauma to the joint. As a result injuries and surgeries are dramatically reduced and or eliminated. Training your frame based on your anatomy is the future for increasing muscular strength and endurance.

Each individual is measured exactly the same from a central point. Ten specific length and angle measurements are taken using the Anthropometric Measuring unit. A range of motion is then calculated by sweeping the lever arm and resistance arm through their diameters and determining a point in space where the two arms intersect. The calculated point is where the energy transfer takes place, passing through the joint causing stress and cumulative micro trauma. We can then determine if a person is advantaged or disadvantaged in a movement or specific exercise. Dr. Bailey can then make recommendations on technique and exercise equipment that might be best to maximize strength gains and prevent injuries.

Bailey Chiropractic –Sports & Accident Center is the only facility in Utah certified to use this incredible technology. Dr. Bailey has performed thousands of Biolever Profiles on people who want to improve their fitness, rehab from injuries, and excel in competitive athletics. Call Dr. Bailey today to inquire about how to train your frame!

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