Bailey Chiropractic Sports Performance Center, 155 South State Street, Suite B, Lindon, UT 84042, Telephone: 801-224-8080


Sports Performance Clinic in Utah Valley

Bailey Chiropractic- Sports & Accident Center in Utah County has cutting edge training and performance equipment for athletes of all ages. Dr. Bailey has trained world-champion athletes using the same techniques and equipment that you can learn from him. Athletes that train with Dr. Bailey have greater explosive power, speed, muscular endurance, strength and physical longevity. More important is that athletes learn how to train smart and avoid injuries in the weight room. The Biolever Technology utilized by Dr. Bailey changes the way you see training and customizes it specifically to your physical frame. Train your frame and not somebody elses! Avoid cumulative micro-trauma by keeping the energy and forces in the muscle and not in the joint. Joints live because of motion and motion stimulates joint mechanoreceptors which drive the brain and the nervous system. As someone once said, "If it ain't moving, it is dying."