Dr. Bailey uses a variety of adjusting methods to provide the corrective forces necessary in helping the joints and soft tissues heal properly. Manual adjusting techniques such as Gonstead, Diversified, BioPhysics and others are methods to make spinal corrections. There are times when Dr. Bailey uses a small, hand held device that offers an impulse to the area being treated. This form of treatment is assessed by using the leg length analysis. Leg length analysis utilizes a series of body movements, challenges and leg checks to determine the location and listing of subluxated joints. The correction of the subluxations found with the leg checks is done with the Activator Adjusting Instrument (AAI).

There are many advantages of the Activator Adjusting Method. The Activator provides a faster impulse than the patient’s reflexes can counter. This necessitates less force due to greater speed. The adjustment is perceived as more gentle for the patient. The Activator provides greater specificity and reproducibility. It is also less stress on the chiropractor’s body.

Dr. Christopher Bailey will have a discussion with you upon the beginning of your care program and will determine which adjusting methods are best for you. The care will be gentle and specifically tailored to you – guaranteed!

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